Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Whats up people I realize my communicaton skills are lacking so in order to let alot of you know whats new with me. I of course am writing a blog to sort of do a blanket update. Sorry for the informality, but its all that time allows. So here goes: Alex and I are still gettting divorced and we are both really good with the idea. we had a little sit down with my friend wayne and he of course gave us the " are you sure" speech. we cited our reasons and basically said " your our friend, just respect the decision" Alot of people have this negative stigma attatched to the word " divorce", in all honesty it dosent have to be that way. Its about 2 people who still have alot of love and respect for each other, not just as friends but as parents. We realize we want different things in life and in order to be happy, have to pursue those things. It dosent mean we are never going to speak again, we have children and as responsible parents we have to be mature and freindly in order to show the kids that its ok mommy and daddy dont live together. All that being said of course we are really handling this well and all we ask is patience and understanding from friends and family. On to other things, I'm still working at the ren faire, that will be done in 2 weeks. no word yet as to if im going to return nest season. I'd really like to have a script in production next summer and if the one im writing now is good enough, then hopefully I can get backing for it. I went in a completley different direction with the storyline then I thought I was going to , but storys have a way of writing themselves really, you just have to flow with it. I recently went back to hosting karaoke tue and fri nights at the travel lodge here in lancaster, my first fri night back was a big success, had a lot of cool people show up along with the usual crowd of drunken fools. I hope to see alot of you out there soon. Once Ren faire is done I have to go get a real job so I can afford a place and get out on my own. I really want to get the film thing going and of course I know how hard this will be, if anyone knows anyone who can help out, let me know. I recently wrote my first article for pirates magazine, its about the history of rum and piracy. I hope it leads to other articles and maybe other writing jobs too. I had been living in baltimore for awhile trying to get things going for my friends steve and missy, in the way of talent managment, thats a really tricky game though and its slow going but I am keeping some irons in that fire, hopefully something works for them. I'm back in Lancaster now. doing everything I can by e-mail for the magazine and steves company, the pirate empire. were going to start selling merchandise soon, I will let you all know when it happens. Other then that not to much else happening, the kids are both growing so fast and I can hardly believe sammys almost 2! who knows what surprises the future holds. I hope I didnt leave anything out and I hope I get to talk to you all soon. Take care. Star

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm not entirely sure, but I may be addicted to e-bay.
Recently I've been on the hunt for a car, cheap, mostly reliable car that will get me not only from A to B, but still a few looks from the ladies every now and then. Now I'm a dreamer , but I also know that doing this for under 500 bucks is damn near impossible. So where do you go when you want good cheap stuff? E-bay baby!
I have never been a motor head. I can change my oil, check my tires. Fill my gas and washer fluid and that's about the extent of my car knowledge. I can't look at a picture and tell you if a car will break down in 2 hours, or last 5 years. My sister is in town from the Virgin Islands, bringing my niece and nephew with her. The other night was probably a low point and a high point for me. I was sitting here at my trusty desk, my nephew asked what I was doing to which I replied, telling him my story and explaining that until uncle star hit the lottery I was forced to keep my car buying to a budget. He asked to look at the cars I was interested in and going through the pictures. " oh don't buy that", hey this guys honest, not bad", " that car wont last you", "what ? Why would you buy that?"," Uncle Star what's a love swing?".............. There are few things more humbling then being schooled on cars by a 12 year old from an island with a population with less people then REALLY voted for George W. Bush...BOTH times. I immediately re-structured my buying habits. Thank you nephew. Although you shouldn't be reading this..Go back to bed.
After I did all this I started doing the obligatory clicking around and searching for things I shouldn't be buying . I just got a great deal on what I'm assured, is a genuine un cut rough emerald...For only a penny and 3.95 shipping!!! Amazing!!! Could I be on to some new thing, buying rough gems from e-bay and becoming an international jewel dealer? Probably not, but it might make am interesting paperweight. Well folks got to go, my search alert just went off for a piece of Michael Jackson's original nose!. WOW.

I was going to write about my recent excursion to Atlantic city with My good friends Alem and The lovely Trouble, but she did such a wonderful job of telling hers I feel no need, check it out here, http://worldoftrouble.blogspot.com/ if you havent already. As always, till next time, keep it Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush

Sunday, July 30, 2006

" If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me...."
I figured the best way to start off this blog was with one of my favorite karaoke numbers ( to hear sung properly) that will now surely be in your had all week. This past Sat was, I'm both sad and happy to say, My last night at the Travel lodge hosting karaoke. I decided for my last night I would have a theme of naughty school girls and teachers. Since I had only come up with this the night before, The participation was sadly low. But when I saw My favorite Diva Bob, come down those stairs wearing not only a lovely little green plaid dress, but a pink wig to go with it, my spirits lifted. Another boost as K-money came in with a pirate style shirt and black blazer finishing off a drama teacher/ meatloaf circa late 70's . The cherry on top was little miss trouble, who comes sauntering down the stairs wearing a little black miniskirt/suit number that was just to tasty for words. No wait there's a few, " oh la la" ,she was the French teacher, and it was amazing. I think I even saw bob pitching a tent in that dress of his, not that I was looking. But damn it's a guy in dress how do NOT look?
I want to personally thank each of you for not only coming in my last night to make it great, but also thank you for being the reason I have walked out of the lodge on many a nights and still had a smile on my face. You 3 have made the whole experience of being there worth it. For that you have my never ending gratitude. We had a good crowd and there were tons of great people, I feel I accomplished every DJ's dream of telling some drunk asshole to fuck off ( upon which, he and his friends left, thank god). I sang ( what I think) was a rousing rendition of Queen's " Bohemian rhapsody" with my good friends Alem and Keith, that was a great way to close the night. Thank god for pictures cause I am sure to have millions of them.
alright enough sappy tear jerker moments. On to the future, I will be moving to Baltimore in a few weeks to take a shitty construction job that pays good money. The upside is, I'll be able to do some work for my friend Steve's company the pirate empire. http://pirateempire.alaskagames.com/ Check it out . Its a wonderful page and I have no doubt its going to be the premiere Pirate Reenactment troupe in the country . I'm proud to be a part of it. My finances will hopefully start looking up and I can get my Debt taken care of in order to start focusing more on the bigger picture of my film company with which I hope to have something going by 2007. I will of course to continue at the PA Renn Faire. On the weekends till its ending in Oct. Or I will collapse from the exhaustion of working so many jobs at once. All for the greater good people. Eye on the prize. I'll continue to keep in touch with all of you, via the increasingly addictive and Oft times annoying MySpace as well as blogging on here of course. Those of you that have my number, use it. Those of you that want my number, get it. Much love to you all and wish me luck on all these adventures. Till then as always keep it Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush

Friday, July 28, 2006

Well, Here it is 4: 48 am, and once again I'm awake. Insomnia is ruling my life. Now that my son has gotten into a somewhat normal routine of going to bed around 10 or 11, waking at 3 or 4 and sleeping till 8 or 9. I find myself automatically awake at 3, I'm talking on the nose, its creepy, or I cant sleep till 4. I dont know if this is some subconscious parenting thing, where I feel the need to make sure it all goes down smoothly or what?
So I hop on my only late night friend Mr. PC, and I start my usual round of checking my various e-mails, surfing Myspace, then job hunting for a little bit, only to be sucked into the oft times hilarious and mostly pathetic personal ads, this allows me to feel somewhat good about my life at least, and get a few laughs at what kind of pictures some people put up to attract others, and how in the " about me" sections, most of them are crying about why and how there last relationship failed. Hmmm, seems to me this isn't the best way to go about finding someone better. Chances are you will meet someone who will treat you the same if not worse, and we'll see you back here in a few months. God I'm bitter.
In a more saddening twist of events, the movie I was almost sure to get cast in, yeah lost its funding and now I am " on hold". Wow, so much for hopes and dreams eh? So its back to the 9-5 route, possibly going to move to Baltimore MD. Stay with some friends and make some cash there for awhile. Who knows life is an ever changing recipe. I had the displeasure today of dealing with a soon to be ex wife who is PMS'ing and felt that the ONLY person in the world who did everything wrong was me!! How joyous.
I mentioned in my previous blog about helping everyone on the side of the road etc. Do me a favor, if you ever see me on the side of the road, hit me. I don't want to die. I just want to enjoy the rest and relaxation of the hospital bed for a few weeks. It seems to me that's the only way to get a vacation from the bullshit. I'm reminded of an old News Radio episode in which Phil Hartman's character commits himself once a year for 2 weeks and that's his vacation. It's not a bad idea really, No lines, No place to spend money, Free drugs, and best of all, All you can eat pudding!!! Then again with my luck they'd probably find me certifiable or my paperwork would get lost and I'd end up a labotimized vegetable...Eh I suppose there are worse fates.
Take care folks. Stay cool till next time.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spread the love,
that's the lesson I learned Friday night as I left the travel lodge, I was turning down Roherstown Rd. And I saw a couple in a car stranded in the intersection. My first thought was to drive by, it was a newer car, I was sure they would have AAA or the like. Then a second thought occurred to me, Years ago when I drove a piece of shit, my gas gauge never worked and I was Constantly running out of fuel. This was not only inconvenient but embarrassing as well. One fine day I was about a mile from home cause I had forgotten my wallet and of course I needed that so I turned around and the car died. I sputtered to a stop and no sooner had I opened my door then a man stopped to help me. I was right next to a gas station I had simply intended on going over , borrowing a can and getting a few gallons. SHIT no wallet. So this guy stops and offers to help, I insist that I have money , just not on me if he could just take me to my house I would even give HIM gas money. He wouldn't hear it. He walked over the gas station with his own can, got some gas, brought it to me and then gave me 5 bucks. I tried to explain that I really did have cash, He simply wouldn't budge. So I thanked him kindly , he drove off , I went home got my wallet and thought to myself " self, there really are good people left in the world".
I was thinking this as I stopped to help these folks. It was like 3 in the morning and who the hell wants to be stranded then. I ask if they need help, the man explains he ran out of gas, not from the area, and was in search of one close by. I said " don't worry about it, I'll be right back. Went to the nearest Turkey hill, got a little less then a gallon( all my can will hold) and drove back. We tried it out, it wouldn't go. So I made yet another trip. That time it worked. When he tried to pay me I simply said " spread the love man, pass it on".
Moral of the story being, while you must of course exercise caution in WHOM and WHEN you help someone, always try to remember if you were ever there once too.
I hope this helps someone somewhere. I was going to post it on myspace, but not only is the damn thing broken, I know it would only be copied and posted a million times , and it would seem like I was bragging or some insane horse shit. I don't care if anyone knows it was me. I just think we can all benefit by taking the time to help now and again. It all comes around full circle but someone has to go first right? Take care folks.
Don't forget next week is my last weekend at the lodge. Hope you all can make it.
Your Pal.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Drink up me hearty's yo ho...... Damn just got back from Newport News VA, had an incredible weekend. Met some wonderful people and finally got to sleep for more then 4 hours in a night since My daughter was born almost 2 years ago!!!...LOL so all in all a success.
Happy as I was to not be at the lodge, I did miss you all and glad to say I'll be seeing you this Fri. and Sat. Barring any acts of God or the PA state lottery.
In other news of interest, My wife and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary today ( July 10th) by going out to cafe chuckles, sharing a pitcher, and talking about divorce. It's pretty much official, her and I finally realized that were just looking for different things in life and in a spouse, though we did agree to remain friends and of course work things out peacefully with the kids, I know that wont be a problem, we are finally on the same page about something.
All this has sparked me to take a leave of absence from school in order to work and save money for my own place and car. Probably a good thing considering I might be moving to...Baltimore. A speculation at this point I am going there on wed. To talk to the editor of both Pirates and Fairie ( not what your thinking Bob...Sorry had to say it) Magazine. I want to see how much money I can make from freelance both Photography and Writing with them as they are only Quarterly Mags, the real money with them is to go out to festivals and rep them there, as I just recently did. So we will see how it goes and if any of it is feasible. I'll let you all know of course.
I would write more at this point but I'm so tired that even Tara Ried is starting to look good.....( I would so do her anyway, hey I'm a guy what can I say) ok definitely time for bed. Take care kiddies!~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why wont Star be at the travel lodge this coming weekend you ask? Because I get to go play pirate in Virginia. My good friend Steve,(visit my buddy Steve's site, its worth the look www.thepirateempire.com) . Is in charge of special promotions for Pirates Magazine. He does a dead on Captain Jack and was in need of a few helping hands and drunken pirates for the upcoming mariners museum event. I am so incredibly excited about this, mainly cause I get a break from the wife and kids for a weekend, but hell I am getting paid to play make believe for 3 days!! Sometimes life does treat me right. I just want to say I will miss you all but I do also need a break from the lodge every now and then to. I calculated it and I haven't had a weekend of in nearly 1 year!! Haven't had a vacation in nearly 2!! I Haven't slept in 10 years!!!!!!!..Ok not really but it feels like it. Talk to you all when I get back and I'll have some good pictures too. I have to brag to someone about being up till 2 in the AM making a pirate costume.
Also to put a sad ending on this I have to announce to all 3 or 4 of you , Sat July 29th will be my last night Hosting karaoke at the 3 crowns. I have obligations to the Renn faire. and I have had my shits of the place ( working there anyway) maybe if its still around when season ends I will come back but no promises for now. See ya'll next weekend. Till then as always keep it Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush